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zeylo builds affordable out-of-the-box iOS and Android applications for your startup or enterprise business, working with you from idea conception through app store launch to monetization.

What makes us special? Instead of a linear approach to mobile app development we work in focused sprints. This allows us to deliver new designs and features to you quickly and frequently, so you can see your project's progress right from the very start.



zeylo develops affordable high-quality iOS and Android mobile applications from start to finish. Our engineering is based on agile development methodologies to ensure an efficient and effective collaboration. Whether for Android, iOS or the web, zeylo builds robust, performant, secure, and scalable apps.

iOS App Development Services

We offer user-centric iOS application development services to design and code apps with seamless experience for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and other Apple devices. Our team has deep experience in coding on iOS SDK. Whether it is Swift, Objective-C, ARKit2, UIKit, CoreData, dynamic back-end or custom API, we know how to use the right tools for the development of your iOS app to drive growth.

Android App Development Services

zeylo designs and develops secure and highly usable apps for Android Q as well as older versions. Our team codes on Android SDK in a test- driven environment. Be it material design, Java, Kotlin, Digital Wellbeing, Jetpack, dynamic back-end or custom API, we leverage the right tools and technologies to build beautiful Android applications.



We pride ourselves that our mobile app development services go beyond standard focus groups and market research. Instead we also focus on the psychology of products, user behavior, and emotional triggers. The results are apps that are not only intuitive and delightful, but also successfully deliver upon our clients’ various business goals from branding to monetization.


We believe that the best products and experiences are built with design first, but that it requires a holistic approach to create an amazing user experience. That is why our UI/UX team involves our app programmers right from the start, allowing them to shape and translate their beautiful designs into an incredibly fast and well-polished app.


Even the greatest products and services struggle without a well-planned marketing strategy. The best way to succeed is to start long before you launch, and never stop. This approach generates traction for your app and better positions you to attract interest on the eve of your launch. Unlike “regular” app development firms zeylo is a true full-service digital marketing agency, so we can employ a full arsenal of marketing tactics to promote your app.


Once your mobile app is published in Apple’s App Store or in the Google Play store, we are here for you to integrate customer feedback, update your app to new iOS or Android releases and manage the ever-changing Developer Agreement updates mandated by Apple and Google.


There is nothing more valuable to any business than feedback. That is why the user testing and quality control is always a part of our app development process. Before we launch your app in Apple’s App Store or in the Google Play store, we employ extensive testing with all stakeholders.
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