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Appointment Booking & Management System

Get the industry's best appointment & management system for doctors and medical professionals. Build direct relationships with your customers, continuously grow your revenue, and manage your business conveniently from one simple interface. zeylo’s CONCIERGETM system delivers all the features of system, at an affordable price.


Simple booking form allows customers to book appointments with a wide range of options.

Maximum flexibility: Offer one-time or recurring appointments, for one person or groups.

Show availability calendar for all locations and staff.

Deposits & payments can be processed on your website or at your place of business.

Provide your customers with real-time SMS and Email updates about upcoming appointments.

Supports Google Calendar with 2-way synchronisation.

Multi-language support for your international customers.

Take appointments & payments on your website


Provide & charge for services remotely

Provide Telehealth services remotely via ZOOM video streaming and charge for your services online.


Your business. At your fingertips.

Confirm, reschedule or cancel appointments with the click of a button.

Multiple location can be managed separately with dedicated resources and operating parameters.

Reduce the workload and costs for a dedicated receptionist. Clients can book online 24/7.

Offer a variety of services with separate parameters and assign them to specific employees.

Intelligent dashboard provides all the key metrics to optimize your resources and maximize revenue.

All data is stored in your own database. Improve your customer retention and repeat business.

Manage your staff: See all the appointments per employee on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Support for mobile phones: Access your dashboard and manage your appointments from anywhere.



Dr. Moreno, a well-known otolaryngologist in Monterrey, was looking for a simple and costefficient solution to manage his growing customer base, while continuing to provide service excellence and optimizing profitability. After setting up zeylo’s CONCIERGE™ system his practice now manages most appointments and customer interactions directly through their website. The built-in ZOOM module allows him to offer and charge for highly profitable telehealth services.

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